Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Denim Therapy/ Spring Break Part II

As a person who loves fashion but also hates to throw anything away (especially in my closet) I am always having something hemmed, let in, let out or modified. But what can you do to save your favorite jeans??? Send them to Denim Therapy!! 

Here is a pic of my favorite “oh so soft, oldest, Saturday jeans”. I think I’ve had these jeans for at least 10 years. Here’s a pic where they split right up the inside of the leg to the crotch. Tears!! 

Here’s a pic of the jeans when they returned from the denim doctors at Denim Therapy!! Good as new! (or old)

When I was pregnant I sent Denim Therapy my jeans and they attached maternity panels to the insides of my jeans. Once I was back to my pre-preggers size (kinda) they removed the panels. They can even re-dye your dark jeans back to their original color in addition to many other jean-saving services!!

We are in our final stretch of spring break and headed to the beach for a little sand and sun! We traditionally spend Easter at the beach with an egg hunt, high hopes to attend sunrise service and an Easter brunch of yummy seafood. 

As I mentioned last week I planned to attend my first beach yoga class. I did a search and found several local studios offering beach yoga. I chose The Art Of Yoga as it offered class within running distance of my parent’s condo. I got up for a run on the beach and then ran to the location for the class. The sky was teasing us with dark clouds but with my towel and water in hand I looked for other yogi but only saw one lone teacher on the beach waiting for participants.  The instructor Charlie, also a Kayak instructor with Outside Hilton Head, assumed the pending storm had discouraged others from attending. Lucky for me I got a one-on-one beach yoga class!!! Charlie was very knowledgeable about both yoga and the coastal environment. It was great, I was able to ask yoga questions I don’t typically ask in a group class and he was able to comment on my form and strength.  I even did my first head stand  (with assistance) on the beach!! Namaste!

Lastly, every spring since Ella was one, I’ve made us both friendship bracelets. We wear them all summer and then when they either fall off or we cut them off we make a wish. Years later, Ella begins asking “when are we going to make friendship bracelets?” as soon as she hears the word Spring!  Now Dax and daddy are even in on the tradition! I can only make basic bracelets but I think as she gets older (maybe a kit for her birthday?) we will start learning more elaborate styles.

This year I took it one step further. When my best friend Jill and I were kids we use to make hair wraps for each other in the summer.  We would wear them until we were forced to cut them out for a picture or something and then make them again. Later as an adult I would see “hair wrappers” at the beach or festivals and I just couldn’t wait to pass this little art down to my daughter to share with her friends. 
SHE LOVES IT!! ( that’s an understatement!) Dax had to have one too “like Ella”, but Mr. Wiggles couldn’t hold still long enough!!!

Here's a few more pics of the week!


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