Sunday, January 13, 2013

Back on Track

Now that the holidays are over and I have moved into my new home (more on that later) I am finally feeling back to normal and ready for Spring.  Spring? Yes, Spring! I despise the months of January and February and I have already found myself perusing the swimsuit sites and dreaming of sandy beaches.  In order to get ready for those swimsuits, I need to get back in the routine of healthy living.

So what’s my plan?

I am not a dieter so to speak; I have always been a pretty healthy eater.  As a kid "junk food" was never in the cabinet and I have always loved fruits, veggies and milk.  (Thanks Mom!) This luckily has followed me into adulthood. I do have my vices (wine, Mexican and the sun) and I do cut carbs more in the warmer months but mostly my diet remains the same.  I do, however, have to remotivate myself for exercise.  I love exercise and fitness; it’s finding the time to do it and realizing that “time” is usually in the wee hours of the morning. As much as I hate crawling out of bed at 5:00 am, I do feel better the entire day because it’s over with and I don’t spend all day thinking about having to work out after work.

I just signed up for my second half marathon on April 14th.  I will be running three times a week following a marathon plan; I will be doing weight training two days a week and one day of yoga.  For weight training, I typically attend a body sculpting class at the gym or  do a video at home. I love Tracey Anderson’s videos. I used her post -pregnancy workout after I had my daughter and it really worked great. She also has free mini workouts online.  Weight training makes me feel strong, protects my bones for later in life (see osteoporosis and weight training) and the more muscles you have, the faster you burn fat. I do yoga on Fridays to relax and repair. I’m not trying to be the next yogi, I just want to have some quiet time and stretch out my sore muscles.

Lastly I am doing a detox kit.  I haven’t used one of these in a few years because of pregnancy and breastfeeding; but in that past I have done this one or two times a year. It takes two weeks and that means a lot of water, clean eating and no alcohol! I bought this Whole Body Cleanse at Whole Foods. I don’t take daily vitamins (because I feel I have a pretty balanced diet and I just don’t like taking pills) but I do drink an Emergen-C packet  every morning and up to three if I’m under the weather. 

Here are my inspiration photos I'll be hanging in my bathroom! :)

This is me on my honeymoon (notice the date); a tad on the skinny side but really fit!

This is not me! :)

That’s my "New Year, New Body" plan, what’s yours?