Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To the Rescue

Wow, this weekend a friend asked me how often I blog and it dawned on me I’ve been quiet for almost two months! What can I say, life gets in the way! I am trying my best to stay consistent but when I am busy and exhausted, blogging isn’t fun; and since I do this for fun….my apologies!

I did want to share one exciting event that has happened since my last post; we adopted a dog!! A few weeks ago, on a whim, Chuck and I started searching some adoption sites.  We agreed a dog would make a great Christmas gift for the kids. We soon loaded up the fam and made an outing to the SPCA. Even though the plan was to wait until Christmas, we both had a feeling about several dogs we saw on the site.  The SPCA was a beautiful facility filled with an extremely kind staff and volunteers. 

Three hours later after meeting several dogs and having an interview with the adoption counselor, we came home with Flower! As soon as we met her she seemed to be all smiles and the kids loved her. Flower is an eight year old Yellow Lab mix and she  was an “owner surrender”. It’s only been a few weeks and Flower feels like she has lived with us forever! She has been showing off all of her tricks including sit, lie down, speak and roll over. She has also been giving us all lots of kisses.

Adopting an older dog definitely has its perks!  She is calm, well behaved and trained. It also feels really good to give a dog another chance to have a family.  We needed her as much as she needed us! 
Meet Flower Power Taylor! 
  On another note, for the past six months or so my skin has looked like I'm back in high school. I don’t particular like to wear lots of make up, but lately I feel I’ve been piling it on. Recently, I broke down and had a facial. I expressed my concerns and told the esthetician that I have been a loyal Proactive user for over 10 years. He explained that the Proactive may be losing it’s effectiveness since I’ve been using it so long. So, since I was going to make a change, I thought I’d try to find a more natural option for skin care. In my next post I’ll share the products I have tried, what I found that works and what I found doesn’t! Stay tuned!