Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Pits

Sorry for the brief hiatus during the last few weeks. As I mentioned before, I teach at a year round school and our summer break this year ended up being very short and quick (about two and a half weeks) so we’ve been busy checking off our summer to-do list in a very short amount of time. After the break my oldest started Kindergarten and we’ve just been trying to adjust to being back in school while still enjoying as many summer activities as we can! 

I wanted to share a great product I just discovered! During the pregnancies and breast feeding of my two children, I tried every natural deodorant I could find (Tom’s, Jason’s, that crystal thing).  The overall result was that I just STUNK!! Not even a nice dirty hippy stink, I smelled like a locker room!  I owned it though and warned people not to get to close! Since then I’ve been on a search for an all natural deodorant that works.

Recently, I discovered an all natural skin care company called Soapwalla  on Esty. The first product I have tried so far is her deodorant and believe it or not, it REALLY works! It’s a cream deodorant that you rub on with your fingers and it absorbs instantly. Not only does the deodorant keep you smelling fresh, it actually keeps you dry. Most natural deodorants only mask the smell because the ingredient that keeps you from sweating (aluminum zirconium) is left out.

Aluminum zirconium causes your pores to swell and inhibits moisture from releasing. Aluminum zirconium as well as parabens, are controversial * ingredients linked to cancer that are found in most deodorants. You can read more here. 

In mid July our air conditioner was hit by a storm on a Saturday morning.  As we sweated through the weekend in an effort not to pay an emergency HVAC fee, I stayed smelling great! I’ll be trying more Soapwalla products very soon!

*I have not read an article with firm evidence that these ingredients cause cancer; most say more testing is needed. I do however, try to trade out my products for natural ones when I find something that works. It just makes sense to me!

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