Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A Swimming Summer

Hello Bees!
I hope the Summer has been treating you well. I know I’m a little late on this post since Labor Day is this weekend but there are still five weeks of summer left and the hive will keep on buzzing with summer activities until the cold sets in. One of the activities we have been enjoying is our stock tank pool!! 

I saw this idea on a post of one of my favorite designers Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors and I was obsessed!!!  After searching Pinterest, various blogs and Instagram for ideas, I headed to Agri Supply to get our tank!
A stock tank is typically used to hold drinking water for farm animals. We chose a six foot round tank. I think they get as big as 10-12 feet but this size was best for our patio. The tank was about $200 but we were able to get a $50 discount due to a small dent in the side.
I found this above ground pool cover at Big Lots for $9.99. I cover the pool every night to keep leaves and debris out and then skim the water with the net to get anything that may have gotten in on the kids feet. 

Some stock tank pools I have seen use a very small above ground pool pump (for the inflatable kind) to filter the water. I have not been able to find one without buying the pool too. Maybe next year!

We pretty much use the pool all weekend and then on Sunday nights I put two 1” chlorine tabs in a hot tub floater and cover the pool. 
The amount of chlorine is so little that there is not even the slightest smell but the water stays so crystal clear that we only have to refill the tank maybe once a month.

When we do drain the tank I leave the cover off for a day just to make sure any trace of chlorine has evaporated and I then use the water for my flower beds. I can attach a drip line hose to the tank and run it through the beds. It is fantastic!!
The kids have loved the pool! It is big enough that they both can really swim in it and the Hubs and I have enjoyed a dip or two after a long day of yard work. We will use this pool for many years to come and then when the kids outgrow it I can repurpose the tank into many other projects such as a raised garden or fish pond; I have even seen the tanks used as a hot tub!!

Splish, Splash, Buzz!!