Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is Captain Planet, This is Me and This is How We Met...

Newspaper article from my first television debut on "Kids Beat" with the host and Captain Planet himself!

If you are familiar with the Real Housewives series on Bravo then I assume you are familiar with the lovely ladies of Atlanta. As a former resident of the ATL I can’t help but watch this show just to see the sights of home. On last week’s episode, resident housewife NeNe Leakes is invited to the home of Laura Turner Seydel also known as the “EcoManor” for a Captain Planet Foundation Fundraiser. Seydel is the daughter of Ted Turner, the creator of Captain Planet, my hero!! This episode took me down eco-memory lane.

(Note: I’ve never met Ted but I was behind him one day in traffic and I did dine on sushi next to Jane Fonda one time who waved politely as I gawked! I miss Atlanta!!)

Back-story: (because Captain Planet and I go way back)
It was eighth grade and I joined the eco cub at middle school. I also became heavily involved in community environmental projects through my county Clean and Beautiful Commission. As I moved on to high school, I organized projects and recruited volunteers for cleanups and I ultimately was recruited for the Governor’s Children’s Environmental Advisory Board; a major honor for a 14 year old! I had the opportunity to meet Captain Planet, share my concerns as a kid about the planet and really make a change in my community at the school age level. This is where my love of the planet began and has continued to blossom. (I was even awarded the Environmental Student of the Year, among several other awards) 

Now 20 years later, I try to inspire my students as well as my own children to take care of the planet, just as Captain Planet inspired  me!!


  1. Great Post! You were such a pioneer back then! Not many can say they've grow up and continued to use their passion, for the environment, to teach your childern (the future generation) and share best practices with the rest of us....who are still striving to be a better steward for our mother earth!

  2. WOW! I had never actually seen the newspaper article. You really were on the forefront of eco-awareness. :)

  3. you forgot to mention...You were honored as "Student of the Year" for "Georgia-Keep America Beautiful" by Governor Zell Miller & Captain Planet.