Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Project - Building Terrariums

Hello from the Hive!  (the totally over winter hive!)

This weekend in an effort to get some relief from cabin fever, we built terrariums to bring some green life indoors. We are planning a garden for the spring and Ella asks everyday if we are going to plant something so I thought this would be a great project to pacify our green thumb until warmer weather arrives.

Here is what you will need:

Glass container(s)

Rocks, polished stones or gravel

Potting soil

Some articles I’ve read recommend using Gardener's Charcoal (this acts like a filter to prevent bacteria as the soil drains); we couldn’t find it, so we didn’t use it.

Plants: mosses, ferns and tropical plants or a mix of succulents (I’m not positive, but I believe you should do one or the other and not mix succulents with other plants due to their different water and climate needs)

(Dax was a bit disappointed he could not eat the plants...or the dirt!)

First, select your container. Your container can be closed or open at the top. You just need to be able to get your hand inside. I like a completely closed container  because I like the idea of mimicking a little eco-system using condensation. I am using these glass canisters that I rotate things in and out of seasonally. Here they are at Christmas with my vintage ornaments.

Next, layer the bottom of the container with stones, then charcoal, then soil. (you can mix the charcoal and the soil before putting it into the container as well) These layers should fill about a third of your container.

Next, add your plants. Start with the tallest plants and fill in around them.

Lastly, add your moss as ground cover. You can then add any decorative items you would like (figurines, sticks, rocks, etc.), spritz with water, cover and enjoy!!

(I underestimated the height of my container on this one, it will be left open)

Do not over water! Use a shot glass or mister if unsure.

No direct sunlight, plants can fry!

Happy planting!


  1. I have always wondered how to do this! Thanks for posting Brandy. Dax does look a bit disappointed, but boy did Ella look like she had fun!

  2. Very Cool! Those look awesome!