Thursday, February 9, 2012

Pay it Forward: That’s Green Right?

Last weekend I was very excited to head to Atlanta to visit my BBFs and celebrate the upcoming arrival of a new baby. I had a great time while I was in Atlanta and we packed a lot into a couple of days. I wanted to pass along a few of the places I visited and really enjoyed.

Saturday morning my friend Jill and I went for a workout at Wellco located in the Urban Body Studios in the Poncey Highland area of Atlanta. Owners Reyci Martorell and David Mauer led the semi-private session that I am still feeling today. According to their website “Our unique training philosophy progressively challenges the body through a focus on multi-directional movement skills, speed, agility, quickness, reactivity, balance and whole body strength and power to create greater kinesthetic and neuromuscular communication within the body.” 

While the workout was tough (and I thought I might forget my own name) both Reyci and David were enthusiastic and encouraging the entire class; the time seemed to fly by!! With classes practically all day and easy online scheduling, it makes for zero excuses.
Thanks guys!

Wellco owners Reyci Martorell and David Mauer

While I was in town we also visited a few new places I had not been to before. What struck me was that everywhere I went this weekend I had over the top, wonderfully friendly service and I just wanted to mention these places. 

For breakfast Saturday morning, we visited Stone Soup Kitchen located between Cabbage Town and Grant Park. The food was wonderful along with the Mimosa(sss) and our server (yeah, you with the beard) was great (and my friend is single)!! 

Saturday night we had dinner at the Wrecking Bar Brewpub located in Little 5 Points. The staff was so friendly and pleasant. From the bar to the table the service was excellent and our server handled our party of 15 with ease.

We finished up the night with a concert and a baby shower the next day. Word of mouth means a lot when you are a small business owner or self-employed. Being a patron of local businesses in your area and spreading the word is the best way to support these establishments.

Pay it forward!

(Note: Above photos courtesy of the respective websites)

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