Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break Staycation

Wow! What a great first week of spring break! The weather has been FANTASTIC and we have checked off many activities on the Track-Out To-Do list Ella and I made! The hubs and I began the week with the 3 day juice cleanse, I went to my first Hot Detox Yoga class, we had a picnic and visited the local spring and dog parks!

Since we were doing the three-day cleanse (which my husband survived with very little complaining!) I wanted to keep my activities on the light side and not lift weight or go for a hard run. I’ve always feared hot yoga classes because I’m always hot and I could just envision myself passing out in the middle of the class and blowing everyone’s chi! :) Surprisingly enough, I loved it. You do sweat like a beast but you aren’t nearly as hot as you would imagine. You really feel like you are sweating out toxins and you can stretch much further than in a regular yoga class. Next week I plan to try out my first beach yoga class!! SOOOO excited!!!!

Next on our list was a picnic in the park. We have a beautiful little park at the corner of our block that is just amazing. This little park was the beginning of our little town, Fuquay Varina.

The discovery of the spring, while plowing the family farmland, has been attributed to Stephen Fuquay or his son David Crockett Fuquay, circa 1858. The reputation of the mineral waterʼs curative powers spread widely, hotels developed, and visitors came by rail to “take the waters”.  Walled on the sides, the springʼs water drained from a pipe into a bowl above the creek. A gourd, hung on the post, facilitated public participation. Easter Monday and Fourth of July crowds peaked between 1900-1925. http://www.fuquay-varinadowntown.com

The pavilion where early visitors comsumed the springs still stands; however, the water now flows around the parameter of the park creating a tranquil and quaint retreat for locals and visitors. After our picnic we walked over to our local branch of the Wake County Library. Ella was issued her very own library card and we were informed of the various events coming in the spring and summer for young children. YAY!!

As part of the downtown revitalization of Fuquay Varina, the historical residential area is in the process of getting new sidewalks! The old sidewalks were cracked and grass grew on either side of the pavement making a very small area of space for walkers and bikers. The new sidewalks are both brick and cement and the width is extended on either side, doubling the space! They are looking amazing!! 

On Wednesday, the workers hit a gas main and we were asked to leave our home for a few hours.  This gave us the chance to walk over to the dog park. The park opened last summer and we just haven’t made it for fear that Dax was too little. I didn’t get any pics, but we had a great time and so did Flower. There were just a few other people there and we (the kids, myself and Flower) all met new friends!

On a side note, I don’t think I ever posted our pic of our historic marker. It was installed a few months ago on our front steps. Don’t look too closely at our railing and columns, sanding and painting both were on my break to-do list but they are going to have become a weekend project in the near future.

Lastly you can see some of the spring surprises coming up in our yard in the sidewalk pics. This is one of my most favorite parts of living in an older home. Last spring, our first in the house, I was greeted daily by a new bloom in the yard. I can just see the generations of ladies in their straw hats tending to their beautiful beds for the spring. I have only added a few items so far, some confederate jasmine to run the side of the house on the brick, a couple knock out roses on the corners of the property and relocated lots of hosta and day lilies from the area where our patio is now located. I hope to post some picks soon of the yard in all her glory, should only be a week or two to wait!

I suppose I’ll stop my ramblings here. As you can tell I love my community and I love it even more in the spring. There is so much to get out and do and if you have um... “active” children like we do, you need to get out and do something!


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