Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hey Bees!
Hopefully your summer has started off with a bang. Although we are still in school, our summer has unofficially begun and we are keeping busy, busy (hence my lack of posts). The past few months I’ve been adding more and more yoga into my weekly routine. I really enjoy running and practicing yoga on the same days if possible in order to stretch out all the sore spots after I run. I attend classes at our gym, work from videos at home and on Sundays Ella and I go to Yoga in the Park.

Yoga in the Park is free every Sunday from May to October in the Fuquay Springs Mineral Park. This class is wonderful, relaxing and for all ages and abilities. Each week a different teacher from the Raleigh area teaches the class so each week is a bit different. Ella is doing a great job (the fact that she can be quiet for a full hour is an accomplishment in itself) and she takes it very seriously!

Yoga in the Park is for EVERY BODY. There's no 'pretzel yoga'. Instead, it's a great way to start your week, laugh with newfound friends or just have a few moments of quiet away from your fast-paced life. There's something for everyone - kids included!" - Charlotte Ranz, Founder of Yoga in the Park Fuquay-Varina and Director of Red Elephant School of Yoga http://yogaintheparkfv.weebly.com/

No matter what I’m doing, I always have my eco-radar on.  I discovered these two products through my yoga research (my husband calls it yogi stalking) and had to give them a try!

These are leggings made from recycled water bottles and they are fantastic. I tried to win a pair on IS but bit the bullet and bought a pair. They are so comfortable you don’t want to take them off and the waist band is made perfectly to roll up or down so there is NEVER dreaded muffin top! I really want the Tarot Magick ones next!

We dance to a different beat, stretch with the yogi, run to the highest peaks, hike in unexplored territories, and swim where the ocean becomes one. We are teeki. We take water bottles and turn them into clothes, giving them purpose again through an eco-friendly process. We encourage and step forward with the fashion world, empowering it to become one with the mother. Teeki supports you with your active lifestyle and adventures; yoga, gym, workout, surf, sports, dance, flow and constantly moving forward with your body, mind, and spirit. www.teeki.com

I’m a sandal addict, I admit, my feet must breathe in warm weather! So when I saw this new take on the flip flop I had to give them a try! The shape of the sandal is inspired by wooden sandals from ancient India and the materials for production come from the family’s sustainable rubber tree farm. To top it all off they plant a new tree for every pair they sell!

Gurus are a modern twist on a 5,000 year-old Indian classic. Inspired by the ancient wooden sandal, worn by Mahatma Gandhi, we designed Gurus to be functional and comfortable without losing the uniqueness and tradition of the original. Our roots are planted in Kerala, India, a place so beautiful that it is often referred to as "God's Own Country." In this lush environment, we found the perfect place to sustainably source the rubber for Gurus: our families' farms. Natural latex is hand-harvested from rubber trees in a process that can continue daily for 25 years without harming the tree. Using natural instead of synthetic rubber makes Gurus more eco-friendly. Because Gurus come from a tree, we plant a tree for every pair we sell. www.ilovegurus.com

Here’s a pic of us “post-practice”.

*product pics from websites

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