Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Eyesore to Encore!!

Just sharing some more projects from the Hive! Since we moved in, we've had stacks and stacks of bricks around our garage just sitting in various "semi-hidden" places. I am pretty sure they were leftovers from when the garage was expanded by the previous owners.
They have been driving the OCD, neat freak in me insane; BUT I was determined to reuse them for something and get them out of my way!! Here’s what we did:
We used most of the bricks for a new patio (this was not DIY and few more pallets of bricks were needed). This was completed about a week ago in addition to the new fence to corral the kiddos!
This past weekend, the Hubs and I used the remaining scraps and hodgepodge pieces to make a landing for our trash and recycling cans! I think we did a fair job!!!
The Hubs just opened a new Zaxby’s. It is a preexisting location so he and his partner have been doing some renovations. I came home one day to find a pile of metal that was once restaurant sinks sitting in my yard (Yay… Sigh…). I should be happy my husband knows that the landfill is NOT an option and I knew I could do something with this heap other than sell it for scrap metal. We sorted through the pile and the most salvage-able pieces were assembled into what is now a new potting bench in my garage! It works perfectly!!
Now I can use my new potting bench for plants around my new patio!! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!!  Buzz!!

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