Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Green Clean

Since I feel like I have been cleaning for two months straight getting ready for the home tour, I thought I’d share the green products I clean with. I’m a clean/neat freak so as much as I try to just clean with vinegar and water, I do have some tried and true favorites I use around my house. I wanted to create a nice product collage for you guys but since I’m still learning as I go in the blogging world and haven’t figured that out yet, you’ll just have to settle for real pics of my real products! (But I digress…)

I love Bar Keepers Friend! This is an eco friendly alternative to Comet that is biodegradable and bleach free. When you need your white porcelain sinks and tubs back white, this does the trick!
Most of the time I just steam with my Shark steam mop. About once a month I use Method Floor Cleaner. It cleans well, smells good and doesn’t leave a residue.
I do use vinegar and water most of the time for windows or any glass or metal surface. When I want to get mysterious “goo” off of something, I use Method Multipurpose Cleaner. As you can see, I’m a big fan of Method products. I feel they do a good job and the price is comparable to non eco products.
Seventh Generation Dish Liquid. Method Dishwasher Pods. Not much to add here, they work and I like them.
My favorite, all time product for getting stains and smells out of anything (even RED WINE on my WHITE couch)…Nature's Miracle!!! This is the best stuff for just about anything!! I’ve used this for at least 8 years and haven’t found a replacement for this product. Great for pet stains and accidents too!
Tea Tree Laundry Soap by SigNature Suds. I just started using this laundry soap about six months ago and I love it!! It’s handmade, works great and smells really nice. We used Tide Original powder as recommended by our cloth diapers and my husband still uses it for his restaurant stained clothes but for linens, kids and other clothing, I use this. http://www.signaturesuds.com/Products.html
Wood Furniture
When I worked for Earth Fare I was lucky enough to sample many eco products for the home. Howard’s Naturals Wood Cleaner and Polish was one of my favs. They smell really fresh and the products go a long way!
Most of these products can be found at Target and some grocery stores. Nature’s Miracle can be found at Whole Foods, Earth Fare and most pet stores. I provided the link for SigNature Suds above. Hope this helps you keep your home clean and green!

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