Thursday, September 5, 2013

Local Plug

Last night I had the pleasure of attending dinner at my neighbor’s home and enjoyed not only a delicious dinner but an introduction to the Fuquay-Varina Community Market!!

The Fuquay-Varina Community Market, Inc. began as the passion of a small group and is visioned to become a community-based grocery store that gives all in our area an opportunity to buy local, organic and Fair Trade products, as well as local and regional farmers a chance to serve folks right here in our community.

The market will be a co-op meaning it will be a cooperate business owned and facilitated by it’s members. While planning is still underway, the market did reach it’s goal of 300 founding members in July in order to begin the project.

Now that the market has reached it’s goal in membership, the next step will be to conduct a feasibility study. The study will investigate potential community support, locations and profitability. If the results of the study prove a positive result, a capital campaign will begin to fund the market. 

The organizers still have a ways to go but the community feedback has been very positive. I am very excited to see this market come to town as the nearest Whole Foods, Earth Fare or Trader Joe's are close to my work, but they are still a good thirty minutes away from my home! Good luck FVCM, I can’t wait!  Buzz!

Oh wait!! Just as my husband was giving tonight's post the final read over, I received an email from Great Outdoor Provisions. Back in early August I entered an Instagram photo contest in celebration of Patagonia's 40th Birthday.  Guess what??? I won!!! I'll receive a gift card to the Raleigh GOP location!! I have never won a contest EVER!!! YAY!! I'm so excited, the store has so much great stuff; the gift card is already burning a hole in my pocket!! Thanks so much @TrustyGOPC!!! 

Here's the pic. It's me in Big Sur California scaling a cliff during a day hike! 

Buzz! Buzz!!!

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