Saturday, September 29, 2012

Antiquing: The Original Recycling

This weekend, despite the pouring rain and gloomy day, my BFF Jill (who came to visit from GA) and I ventured out to The Liberty Antique Festival. Liberty is held the last weekends of April and September and has taken place rain or shine for over 20 years.

The three founders, Vito and Mary Ellen Sico and Janet Hill met when the Sicos moved south from New Jersey and Hill was their Realtor. The Sicos enjoyed collecting and selling antiques and Hill had a family farm. The three came together and the festival began.  You can read more about their story here.

Here are some pics of the festival and some of the treasures we came home with!

Two "Paint by Numbers" I worked a deal on!

I collect jadeite and tea sets so this would have been a dream. Since it was not a complete set, I passed! I still have non-buyers remorse!

I found this great vintage tablecloth and...

after purchasing was invited to join a vintage tablecloth club!
 Who knew??!!! 

Jill picked up these great vintage bobblehead bookends! They are so cute in person!

We both have a collection of vintage Christmas decorations from the 50s. These will go great with my paper elf collection!

Despite the rain and mud we had a great time and met some really nice people! We will be back! Buzz!

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  1. How fun! Looks like ya'll got some good stuff!