Monday, June 4, 2012

I'm going strawless!!

Who? What? Yes, you heard me right; I’m going strawless!! Did you know that each day we use 500 million straws-enough disposable straws to fill over 46,400 large school buses per year? That’s the startling fact I just discovered over at The campaign, organized by a nine-year-old named Milo, seeks the support of the straw industry, restaurants and other businesses toward reducing the use and waste of disposable plastic straws.

How can you go strawless?
-Say “no thanks” to disposable straws at restaurants
-Use reusable straws at home and work
-Rinse and reuse straws if you must use one

You can visit the site and pledge to go straw free for one month. I admit this may take a little getting use to!  I also noticed this week at  Starbucks they are selling sets of three reusable straws! Guess it’s catching on! 

Here are a few garden update pics…

First Harvest!

Can't wait for a BLT!

Lots of blossoms!

Coming along!

Stay tuned next week as I head to California for a week long trip down the Pacific Coastal Highway. Highlights along the trip include: winery tours, a stay at an eco-resort, sea kayaking, beautiful beaches and more!!

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