Friday, May 11, 2012

Mini Post: Where did April go??!!

April flew by and we’ve been busy both in and outside of the hive in the weeks since I last posted. Earth Day weekend the Raleigh Museum of Natural Sciences sponsored a downtown Earth Fest. We explored the festival post-downpour so the crowd was down and perfect.

We celebrated Dax’s first birthday and Christening!

My husband and I went to Nashville for a conference!

After I realized Twinkle Toes’ current home was not secure, I borrowed a butterfly habitat from a fellow teacher. She also gave me four chrysalises that she had left over from her class project. We didn’t have them very long before they hatched into butterflies. This was very exciting and happened very fast. As first, it looked like an insect massacre as the sides of the netting were covered with a red, blood like fluid. This is apparently meconium, the fluid inside the chrysalis that the butterfly then pumps through their wings to prepare for life outside of the chrysalis.

We kept our fluttery friends for a couple of days and then had a little going home party. This was fun!

The heirloom tomatoes Ella planted in the egg cartons are sprouting nicely. We will  transplant these into the garden soon. I have so many plants!   I might transplant a few into pots on our deck as well.

We‘ve also had a decent amount of rain in the last couple of weeks and our garden is coming up nicely. We seem to have something new sprouting every few days!! (although we are down a tee-pee due to the storm)

I am currently working on my compost pile and will be sharing this info with you soon!

Happy Spring! Buzz!!

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