Monday, April 26, 2010

Cloth Diapers

Most people ask me about cloth diapers with a look of disbelief. Most people think cloth diapers are still one folded piece of cloth that is fastened with diaper pins. Not the case! There are MANY types of cloth diapers available now. They range from bloomers with “flushable inserts” to organic cotton “all in ones”. There are even diaper services that will deliver clean diapers and pick up your soiled diapers once a week. It wasn’t until I started researching cloth diapers that I realized the variety available. It was a bit overwhelming!

My first plan was to talk to other moms who were currently using cloth diapers and find out what worked or didn’t work for them. Not to my surprise, they were hard to find!! My cousin was interested in cloth diapers as well and had her little boy a few months ahead of me and she suggested a trail pack! A few websites will send you a trial “sample” pack of different varieties of cloth diapers so you can see what works the best for you!! Jillian’s Drawer’s offers a pack of 10 different types of diapers to try for 21 days. You can send everything back or keep what you want. (

The two choices I narrowed it down to were G Diapers and Bum Genius Organic All in Ones. The G diapers consist of a bloomer and removable inserts similar to feminine pads. You can flush the pads so there is literally nothing that goes in the trash. You also don’t have to wash these which can save water as well. BUT they are pretty pricey! If I was not trying to be economical as well as ecological, I would have gone this route. They just seemed the easiest to use and least mess. G Diapers cost about $16-18 per bloomer and around $15 for a pack of 40 inserts. (

 I ultimately went with the Bum Genius Organic "All in Ones". “All in Ones” are diapers that consist of a bloomer and a multi-layer, cotton liner in one piece and are fastened by velcro or snaps. They can be a bit more pricey than “Pocket Diapers” which require you to insert the liner into the bloomer but I think the convenience of dropping the entire diaper into the wash out weighs the price. I also chose these because they grow with your child with adjustable snaps. One size fits all, so to speak.

The diapers were an investment upfront but they have definitely paid off. I think I paid around $25 each for 18 diapers plus a diaper sprayer for about $25. So, about $500 total. If you compare that to the cost of disposable, they pay for themselves in about six months. Also, they have held up really well! My daughter is almost two and they only show mild signs of wear and can be passed to a second child if needed. This cuts your cost again!! We do buy disposable for when we travel or if we are going to be out and about all day, but that averages maybe a pack of 40 diapers every two months.

I mentioned I bought a diaper sprayer. This is a little shower that hooks to the side of your toilet and you can spray the diaper out right into the toilet. You can find these wherever you decide to order your cloth diapers. We keep a Diaper Champ in the bathroom as well right next to the sprayer and toilet. A Diaper Champ is made for cloth or disposables; a Diaper Genie is not due to the plastic bag inserts. Simply spray it off and drop it in!! Keeping the diapers wet is key to avoiding stains. Cloth diapers must be washed in a basic detergent. No “Free & Clear” detergents, baby soaps (such as Dreft), any detergent with fabric softeners, whiteners/brighteners, enzymes, fragrance, and/or bleach. ( These detergents will create a film on the diapers and decrease their absorbency. We use Tide Original and we have zero stains.  A few recommended detergents include Allen’s Naturally, Charlie’s Soap, and soaps that are manufactured by the diaper brands. I let them soak for a few hours first and then run the washer. I also hang the diapers to dry on a folding clothes rack outside when it’s nice or over a heat vent inside in the winter.

This may sound like a lot of steps, but it really is easy and not messy. If my husband doesn’t complain, you know it’s okay! I hope this answers any questions you have about cloth diapers, feel free to ask anything I didn’t cover. Happy Diapering, Buzz!

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